Liz Shackleton

A Hackney resident since 1978, Liz is the MD of Jamm Print and Production in both the UK and Australia.  Liz has experience as an employer of 50+ staff, and of the difficulties and joys of restoring a Grade II listed building – the Jamm offices and factory in SE London were restored from an original condition worse even than the Old School House, to the satisfaction of English Heritage, the London Borough of Greenwich, and Jamm’s staff and customers.


Holly-Gale Millette

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Gilbert Smyth

Wide experience (since 2003) as a political and voluntary community activist with a long list of community and environmental successes, helping to found local community associations, sitting on steering groups as well as acting as secretary to the Shacklewell Lane and Powerscroft Road community organizations locally.


Julia Lafferty

Julia Lafferty, a resident of Hackney since 1981, is a member of the Clapton Conservation Areas Advisory Committee, an advisory body on conservation issues to the London Borough of Hackney. She also serves on the committees of the Hackney Society and the Friends of Clapton Cinematograph Theatre. Previous to this she sat on the local committee of Sutton House, a National Trust property in Hackney. Her working life was spent in the education and environmental protection sectors, most recently with the Campaign to Protect Rural England. She is a regular contributor to Hackney Society publications and to “Hackney History”, the magazine produced by the Friends of Hackney Archives Department.